About Us

All About You Glow Girl Mentoring Organization!

We are a group of gifted and spirit filled women dedicated to seeing young women reach their full potential.

We want to see them glow in all they do!

We want to instill the importance of Self- Esteem, Self-Worth and the value of Sisterhood.


To successfully do this we will  offer life strategies and  engage young women in different Resources, Activities, Workshops, and Events to help each young woman to Glow in life .  

We Want to See You Glow!


Our Mission

You "Glow“ Girl’s Mission


The main purpose of our organization is to Encourage, Enrich, Edify, and Empower. The organization wants to encourage young woman to live purposed lives by implementing our four goals:


Empower young women to identify and utilize their gifts and talents

Edify young women’s lives with education and fellowship opportunities

Enrich our communities through community service and outreach

Educate women with proper life skills and tools to succeed through our workshops in the areas of Self-Esteem, Health, Career Planning, and Fine Arts.


You "Glow" Girl’s Vision


 Glow's vision is to transform the lives of women in the community and throughout the world!


Our vision is to help young women and teens physically, spiritually, and mentally. Glow will accomplish our vision by teaching them proper life skills to prepare them for the future.

Our Vision