Get in the habit of having Gratitude!

My heart was heavy thinking of how ungrateful some people can be. It troubled my heart even more as I thought of this crazy weather (snow. ice wind-chill factors and temperature such as -1 degrees below!). I thought even more about how some homeless shelters were possibly filled to capacity and the homeless families would probably go without shelter and food. They are unfortunately overlooked. Please understand the homeless aren’t just old people, mentally ill people. People of all backgrounds and walks of life can become homeless. Some are hardworking people who just feel on hard times. Please note that includes children and teens in your age range. So as I layed in my warm bed, I began praying for those people. I looked around and saw blankets and food in my cabinet and wept and began to thank God. Often too many times in life we take our blessings for granted. As a teen you can expect certain things and can feel entitled. Even without realizing it. You can easily forget how truly fortunate you really are. You’re expecting the lights on, the fridge filled, clean clothes and fresh water. There’s an expectation and feeling of duty. But that expectation can make us forget our blessings for granted. Then when certain things happen and we then don’t know what to do. In most tragedies and situations “I never expected this to happen, I don’t deserve this, or why me”. Life is but a moment and we can only hope to never have to say these words. It’s the littlest things that means the most and we should have gratitude at all times. Someone your age this very moment, this very day, didn’t wake up. Someone suffered a horrible loss and situation they are struggling to get out of. Someone can’t see, walk, someone breathe! Someone can’t speak! Someone will never walk through the doors of your high school again like you’re able. Being a teen isn’t easy, I’ve been there. As a teen you’re coming into your own self: while trying to fit in and find your place. A lot of times we feel like we have forever until we realize we don’t. What’s the point of me saying all this? It is simple have Gratitude!! No one is obligated to do anything for you so be appreciative. This may be harsh but honestly, please remember and understand that no one has to do anything for you. So be grateful, be thankful! Show love kindness and compassion. Learn to be thankful for most important things life: family, friends, health and food on the table. I know everything in life, may not be perfect but the saying it could be worse is so true. Time is only but a moment and never proposed. Don’t forget it cherish every moment.

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