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Gossip! A Poor taste in Character

Gossip... It happens every day, all day. You can’t avoid it even if you wanted to! There’s always going to be someone saying something about something or someone! It’s always a person who will have something to say, even when their opinions and thoughts aren’t asked for. What you can do is separate yourself from participating in it. My rule when talking with friends and family is simple: If there aren’t in my presence, there’s no need to speak on them. Especially speaking anything negative. If I’m not praying for them or edifying them I have nothing to say. If I cannot say it to their face, there’s no need to say it. It’s good to follow the golden rules: treat others how you want to be treated and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t anything at all! All day the media portrays women tearing each other down and fighting. There’s other ways to solve problems. I know being a teenager and having all types of social media and other ways and opportunities to gossip, it’s the number one thing expected to done in high school. But you can dare to be different. We as young women have to learn to lift each other up. Pray for one another. You don’t have to like everyone, but you should respect each other. Just as you would want someone to respect you as well. Gossip causes drama and you should never want to be a person who is always in drama. It’s not a good look to be someone who loves drama, and always fighting like the stereotypical angry women. We can defy stereotypes and odds. One of Glows main goals is to encourage sisterhood! Let’s cover one another. It’s not easy but we can do it! Gossiping is not lady like and it shows your true character. Be a lady of substance and class. Character and integrity can take you further than any gift or amount of money would ever. It takes you so much further! People can forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel. Every day we should be building ourselves up and work on becoming the women we want to be. Poor character and judgement won’t get you anywhere. Get in the habit of trying to gossip less and less and eventually you’ll see the change and positivity in your life. The bible says Gossip is spread by wicked people: They stir up trouble and break up friendship (Proverbs 16:28) let’s become respectable intelligent ladies that gossip less and build each other up!

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