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Painting With A Glow Twist! So Much fun!

I'm a very creative person. I love expressing myself through art! As some may know I am an poet and author. This painting event was right up my alley! Our goal was for them to paint butterflies and name it something they wanted to grow into, Hence the whole pictures of the butterflies. I have great hopes and aspirations for these girls just like the growing cocoon blooms into a butterfly, I hope they fly so high and bloom into something amazing! Glow girls really enjoyed themselves and I couldn't be more happier. More girls are coming and its growing! So very proud of the ladies! Some of them had never painted and were pros! They wanted to do more events like this more often and that's the plan! We will be doing it sooner! I was so appreciative that our vice president used her great talents and skills! Shes a talented artist herself and she drew and instructed the class so well! The pictures came out so well! Who needs paiting with a twist when we have all this talent! lol

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