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Peace When it seems so far away! --By : Jessica McDaniel

Life brings so many Changes Challenges and sometimes Chaos, yes life happens to everyone! And can hit you hard especially when you least expect it! Whether troubles with finances, health issues, relationships, loss and heartbreak, these things can make anyone mentally spiritually and physically tired and drained. Life can leave you feeling hopeless and peace can truly seem so far away. So what do you do when you can’t find joy peace in the midst of your storm?

I’ll be very transparent there has been many times in my life no matter how hard I tried to prevent and even prepare for certain disasters and situations or unexpected events from happening they snuck up on me and hit me hard! It’s been many times I had felt broken by life and couldn’t understand why things were happening to me the way they were. I had to find joy and peace in the worst situations and that’s never easy! There was a particular season in my life when peace was truly far away the worst thing had happened in my life and this experience was the worst thing I had dealt with in my entire 32 years of life… I literally felt like I lost my mind my grandmother had passed away and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through… I was literally so dead inside and my fire and light and zeal I had was completely gone. This was unexpected I was unprepared and in utter shock and wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the next day after hearing the news! I didn’t want to talk read or pray and couldn’t think clearly I was left numb inside and bitter. Depression hit hard and I literally didn’t want to get out of bed at times. Thankfully I didn’t lose my faith because I honestly don’t think I would be here today telling the story if I had. I can honestly say the love of God is what got me through! Not one word anyone said gave me an escape from the pain. Not one hug given comforted me, no card gave peace although it was must appreciated and I was so grateful for the warm love and support but honestly on those dark cold nights by myself when my tears literally couldn’t stop and I literally felt I couldn’t breathe and definitely couldn’t sleep the only thing that sustained me during that storm in my life was gods comfort What does gods comfort feel like? It’s literally like a cheerleader times ten! A soft spirit reminding you, “you got this!” A breath of fresh air I don’t have asthma but it’s like when your gasping for air and can’t catch your breath and suddenly you find your inhaler and you finally can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that no matter what it will be okay it’s a calmness and soothing that comes over you and suddenly although your hurting you feel like you can make it through So I had to find that peace when I really didn’t believe or wasn’t sure

I had to make a choice to either stay down and act like I didn’t know Gods peace and word or power or be the woman I was raised to be and the woman of God that was resilient and exercised her faith and not just talked about it. I had to find strength and I found it through Christs love and peace that surpasses all understanding! When you go through trials it really shows you who you are and I wanted to be a strong example and really execute my faith so I had to stay on my knees until I found that hope and peace I so longed for you can too! God will never leave or forsake you but unfortunately sometimes we doubt loose our faith instantly when unexpected things happens. Life never prepares us for the curve balls it can bring but when you know who has you in their hand you can make it through. I feel like you can’t avoid it you can’t get away from trials and tribulation but understand there is a fighter in you! There is a warrior in you! You can get though whatever you’re going through trust believe!

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