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Pray! Pray! Pray!

Prayer is such essential part of life. Prayers can save you from hidden dangers and keep you safe. When I was in high school I didn't realize the prayers I prayed God was answering! Those very prayers were carrying me in the midst of my trials. During 12th grade I really began to feel those heavy burdens of life trying to overtake me, and I wanted to be free. I knew I needed to get closer to God but the stress of school and home life was hard. It kept me unfocused and uninterested because not only was God or prayer popular, It was considered lame. I finally got into a place where I had no choice but to fall on my knees. I encourage you to not wait until it gets so bad to call upon the savior! I wish I would have done it sooner. I didn't think I would make it. I look back and look at how far I come and think “wow! Here I am, still standing, better, and stronger than ever!" All because of prayer. As I looked back at my most difficult challenges I knew it was only God brought me out. When I should have been dead he spared my life. When I didn’t think life was worth living anymore and wanted to end it, God said not so! And it was only because of prayers. Remember when you are going through a challenge God is always there and interceding on your behalf. Prayer connects you to the source! Life is hard enough doing things on our own, so why not give our problems and burdens to the one who is in control of everything. On those days I don't think I can make it prayer gets me through. There has been days I didn't even want to get out the bed and depression had me bound. It overtook me I had to pray. I prayed and prayed and God heard me and delivered me. I believe he can do the same for you. Having a hard say in school? Hard time getting along with your parents? Not feeling confident or worthy? Not fitting in? Not feeling understood? Pray about it! Trust God. The bible says try the spirit by the spirit. If you don't believe or have never prayed try it and watch God work. You may not get out of your situation immediately, and may still be struggling but he’ll give you the ability to get through it. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR PRAY! It’s no spooky heebie jeebie stuff, it’s just having a conversation, whatever you want to say and how you’re feeling and asking for help. Simply put speak for your heart. I want the very best for each young lady I come in contact with. I want them healed, whole and GLOWING. I do not believe you can do that without truly being connected to the source through prayer. You can be successful, be beautiful, and have all the riches of the world, but if you are not connected to the source you'll never feel whole on the inside. You will chase the things of the world to fulfill a void and miss out on that true joy and wholeness that rests in God. Don’t be so worried about your outside appearance or conditions that you are worn on and broken on the inside! You cute... Ok... but can you pray? Do you have someone who can intercede and talk to God on your behalf? Can you?

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