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Whats the Tea?!

This Valentine's Day we thought it would be great to do a panel discussion and have the girls ask questions in regards to relationships and dating! We decided to have a tea party! We came up with a great idea to call it what’s the tea?! It was very hectic trying to get everything together due to scheduling and the weather. Eventually we began getting things in order. We purchased all types of teas and teacups, decorations and food galore! I feel that the ladies enjoyed themselves although they got so excited and couldn't be quiet for two seconds! Lol I was disappointed that our guest panelist didn't make it but me and the vice president held it down and all was well. I'm pleased. We also did raffle drawings! A few bumps in the road but all in all the event went well! My prayers is that these girls really take in everything we've been trying to pour into them. we want them healed whole and focused!

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